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Bay and Bow windows will give your home the new look the neighbors will be envious for years to come. The projection of the bay and bow windows will completely transform any room they are installed in, and they will free up some of that much needed space. With the seamless curve of bow windows brings the added challenge of installation and trained construction know how. Mokena Window Replacement wants your home to have that special wow factor and we know just how to deliver it to you. In any living space Bay and Bow windows will bring that special pizazz you have been looking for.

There are essentially three different windows involved when installing bay windows. The center window is typically attached to two side windows. The two side windows will have the opening function, while the center window does not open. There is the option however to have all your bay windows have the opening function. The layout of a bay window allows for the protrusion of the center window with the two side windows being attached to either side of the center window. Another style, the bow window, could have many more sections placed together to form a semi-circle. Or at least the appearance of a semi-circle. This type of configuration is a little bit more difficult and will result in costing more money than a traditional bay window.

By installing bay and bow windows you are not only adding a decorative touch to your space, you are also creating a bigger area inside your living space. In choosing this style of window you will also increase the amount of light being able to enter in to your room. Utilizing the new space created by the extension of the bay or bow windows will allow the home owner to create a bench seat for reading, more storage, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee!!

Adding bay and bow windows to your home will help to create more value to your property when everything seems more spacious and welcoming. Statistically, when installed correctly, real estate companies state that bay and bow windows help to add to the overall price of your home. Even though bay and bow windows are a more expensive solution to traditional windows, there is no added treatment to keep these windows well maintained and clean. With these windows, you will have more air flow and an increase in light do to the projection of the window. For more ways to increase the value of your home visit us at Mokena Window Replacement to see firsthand what your choices could be.

The choice is yours and we are ready to serve you. Our incredible staff will work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with the windows you have chosen. With an increase in popularity, your Bay and bow windows will be installed quickly and accurately with our professional installers. Give us a call and our technical staff will work with your time frame to meet with you and discover what bay and bow windows will do for you and your home.

Remember, if you are happy, we are happy. We are waiting to talk with you to make this process of installing bay and bow windows as quick and easy as possible. Let us know if you have any questions about our products. Rest easy, you have chosen to work with the best window business, Mokena Window Replacement!!